CLPQ is a little printer queue program that uses the ncurses library and
runs in a console. It monitors the printerqueue and gives the option to remove
jobs from the queue.
The features of CLPQ are:
- Multiuser (only root has root-rights)
- Adjustable refresh-rate [1..255]
- Removal of jobs from the queue
- Set an Alarm on a print job CLPQ.
This version of the program is for a single printer. But several users can use the program at the same time.
I hope a have the single printer-problem fixed soon. For more information about the program see the README file.
The latest releases are: (All in .tar.gz archives)
Patch for Version 0.3
Thanks to Dwayne C . Litzenberger                           
As usual:
  patch -p1 <../patch-clpq-0.3dcl1

   - Added lpc [start|stop|enable|disable] options.
   - Fixed to work with LPRng.
   - Replaced crude job removal with call to lprm.
   - Replaced all instances of getlogin() with getpwuid(getuid())

Version 0.3  (12/8/99)

From Version 0.2:
   - Now it's possible to use it by other users than root.
   - Copying of the conf file is now done correctly.
   - Not allowing to delete jobs other than of the current user (with exception of root) 
   - When a job is not removed, don't scroll the selection-line.
   - Each user has his own config-files.
   - conf file has been made readable and more flexible.
   - Alarm option has been implemented.
   - A help screen explaining the command-keys.

Version 0.2  (24/6/99)

From Version 0.1:
   - Configure file is used from the $HOME directory. 
   - When the spool is empty and a new entry is made ==> mark the new queue line.
   - In the makefile there's a line where you can (as root) configure clpq for 
     other users.

Version 0.1  (15/6/99)


For more information , suggestions and other forms of feedback you can mail me at D. Palomo van Es.